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Briana Barnes

Briana earned her bachelors in Nutritional Science from San Jose State University in 2017. We know what your thinking, how did she end up at iMOS? Growing up, Bri’s dad worked in direct mail advertising. He worked closely with car dealerships and used to drag Bri to his meetings. From a young age she developed a respect for the industry and targeted marketing. This combined with her eagerness to learn is what eventually landed her at iMOS.

She first heard of the job opportunity while coaching a fitness class. The opportunities to create relationships with clients, learn new skills, and broaden her experience enticed Bri to not only apply but chase down the opportunity. Bri has never been one to shy away from a challenge so despite her lack of experience in the industry she continues to learn, grow, and take on every task with a smile! She believes that by both being open to learning and attacking challenges with confidence we can master anything we want!