iMOS Consulting launches MORE THAN FORMS, a new product designed to increase leads on car dealership websites by 30%

Santa Cruz, CA USA: Beta testing of MORE THAN FORMS resulted in an average 30% increase in customer interactions through the website. Select cases showed a 200% increase.

Form submissions have been on the decline industry wide and recent Cox research found that 99.6% of in market car buyers are looking for the shopping process to change. People want car shopping to feel more like, uber, airbnb, or Nordstrom’s, not like they are going into battle. The goal when designing the product was to bring those customers back onto dealership websites with an increased comfort level. Testing showed that if people are approached with the MORE THAN FORMS interface, they are forthcoming on a variety of topics. MORE THAN FORMS cultivate trust, good communication, and on average 30% more opportunities for dealerships.

“The forms that MORE THAN FORMS created and put on our website have made our clients more comfortable expressing their needs. We are receiving more form submissions than we ever have, and the quality of customer communication is also better than ever.”— Paul Normandin, Owner of Normandin Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram. 

“MORE THAN FORMS has become a part of our daily operations, we now rely on them for all our website communications. They created the forms exactly how I wanted them and they are working great. We are getting better results than expected.”  — Brent Christiansen, Owner and GM of Tomball Ford and Tomball Dodge. 

Frank Balistreri, CTO of MORE THAN FORMS, commented  “The Automotive Industry has seen a decline in online form submissions due to consumer fear of spam, identity theft, and endless emails or phone calls. We have found that if consumers are approached in a unique, polite, genuine way and allowed to communicate without restrictions, they are very happy to provide far more than just their name and phone number. After extensive research and testing, we are proud to say that MORE THAN FORMS is a generational leap forward, far surpassing default website forms and third party plugins that cannibalize existing traffic. It's exciting to have changed the way consumers communicate their automotive needs online.” 

The product includes 10 forms that include Sales, Service, Parts, and Client Relations activities. MORE THAN FORMS Automotive is universal, and can be installed on virtually every automotive website platform and works with most common CRM systems. iMOS Consulting is a privately held Silicon Valley based company that works with clients in the Automotive Industry to create performance-based websites on a variety of development platforms, including MORE THAN FORMS is a division of iMOS. 

Frank Balistreri has developed Electronic Forms for IBM, Adobe, Oracle, SAP, Apple, Disney and many other companies. 

iMOS and Tomball Dodge pack the house for MVP Towing seminar

Our client Tomball Dodge Chrysler Jeep was selected to pilot the Chrysler Group’s new (MVP) Most Valuable Professional program and host an event to educate drivers on proper hauling and towing safety. This was an important event that would be closely monitored by the brand, so we needed to make sure it was well attended.

At iMOS we’ve seen great results with Facebook advertising, and feel it gives you more for your money than typical PPC campaigns. We decided that promoting this event through Facebook would be a cost effective way to ensure success.

Our team worked together to create a campaign strategy, which ended up being a seven day countdown to the event. Six separate reasons to attend the event were chosen to be featured each day, with a final reminder to be shown on the day of the event.

From here the design team created appealing imagery to be displayed on Facebook each day. The images were inspired by the success of countdown campaigns used to promote the fall return of popular TV shows.

A landing page was created on the Tomball Dodge website to give interested visitors all the event details. This page also contained a link to a second page were visitors could easily add the towing event to their calendar with the push of a button. A link to the landing page was featured along with the images each day on the Facebook countdown.

When the countdown was shown on Facebook the posts were “boosted”, or advertised through Facebook’s paid system. The ads were targeted to people who lived within a 10 mile radius of Tomball, Texas and had displayed an interest in Jeep, Dodge, Ram, Towing, Camping or Trailers.

The Trailer Safety Clinic ended up being very well attended, with over 45 clients being trained at the dealership. The event was so successful that it was covered in the January 26th, 2015 issue of Automotive News, which featured imagery from iMOS’s Facebook campaign.

iMOS site named "Best Car Dealership Website in Texas"

Ben Keating owns several dealerships in Texas, and as one of the most progressive-thinking dealer principals, was looking for new and progressive web solutions. Ben contacted iMOS in January 2012, Frank Balistreri, CEO of iMOS, met with Ben and his management team in Las Vegas at NADA and formed a partnership that would soon lead to Ben’s Tomball Ford Store being awarded the title “The Best Website in Texas”.

Soon after meeting in Las Vegas, Mr. Keating and company engaged iMOS to help transform their web sites. Frank was hired to evaluate various web development platforms and make a recommendation on the best options for the websites. After reviewing the different platforms, Frank recommended switching to a company that would produce a site in HTML 5, a superior programming version of HTML. HTML 5 allows animation without using flash, which is advantageous since flash is not compatible with any Apple mobile devices. It is also the current standard in HTML. 

Frank presented a variety of different options to use for their websites. Based on a few key criteria, and iMOS’s evaluation, The Auto Group decided to rebuild all of their websites on the HTML 5.0 platform. Throughout the transformation iMOS worked closely with Scott Wideman, Principal of Tropacaval Media, who handles all The Auto Group’s media needs. Scott played a critical role in site content and structure. He reviewed and approved the design, content, and functionality for all of The Auto Group's websites.

iMOS was in charge of 100% of the project, from the original content to forms and photographs. iMOS also worked with the web provider to optimize the inventory pages and customize their standard layout design. iMOS worked with each of the dealerships and strived to make each of the websites unique to their specific dealership. Although the eight dealerships are in the same family, they all have slightly different cultures. It was important to highlight their distinct differences.

Lauren, Creative Director at iMOS, was responsible for the new design of the websites. The previous sites were overwhelming and cluttered, so Lauren’s goal was to come up with something that had a clear and strong navigation. In order to do this, Lauren looked to other websites outside of the car industry for inspiration. She wanted to promote straightforward navigation and drive traffic to the inventory pages and felt that one way to do this was to eliminate the slide show typically found on dealership websites. While attractive, slide shows are often relied on to circumvent cluttered and confusing navigation, and it was her goal to eliminate that inefficient style. Lauren determined that this basic layout would most efficiently allow customers to find the information that they were looking for when visiting the website. 

Michael, VP of Technical Services at iMOS, became involved after the initial design process, customizing the sites, and ensuring that they were also keyword loaded for optimal SEO. In addition, Michael also created original pages such as the popular "Community" and "Texas Trivia" pages. These pages add personality for the customer to experience through the website and can attract search engines. The sites now contains pages like “Wit and Wisdom of Texas” and “News of the Weird”

After many months of hard work, the new websites launched in August 2012, and in January 2013 the Tomball Ford site won the title of “The Best Automotive Website in Texas”. The award was presented by The Search Marketing Group; fifteen judges chose the website due to its usability and unique visual representation. Tomball Ford’s website was nominated either by a customer or another vendor, the person who entered the website into the contest is still unknown. The Auto Group’s websites continue to be user friendly as the web traffic has increased up to 25-40% since 2012. Scott Wideman, Manager at Keating Auto Group said, “iMOS is very knowledgeable. We haven’t always been successful before iMOS, we tried vendors that didn’t work for us... We are very pleased that they are part of our team”.

"iMOS consulting has increased our website efficiency and digital marketing efforts. From vetting new vendors, optimizing current spending strategies, and improving graphics and goals within campaigns, iMOS gets it done. A focused staff with diverse capabilities insure that if they don't know the answer, they can get it quickly. I can go on vacation now and not worry that someone isn't monitoring the lifeblood of our business. They can interact with the big vendors that the manufacturers have signed up with, but those companies are trying to keep Tier 1 happy and not as concerned with one dealership. They can also work with your vendors and help make their product work better on your website. iMOS makes your dealership their focus and they aren't so big that one client isn't important. Big issues, little issues, aggressive growth or just making your digital ad dollars more efficient, iMOS is the place." —Scott Wideman, Keating Auto Group