iMOS and Tomball Dodge pack the house for MVP Towing seminar

Our client Tomball Dodge Chrysler Jeep was selected to pilot the Chrysler Group’s new (MVP) Most Valuable Professional program and host an event to educate drivers on proper hauling and towing safety. This was an important event that would be closely monitored by the brand, so we needed to make sure it was well attended.

At iMOS we’ve seen great results with Facebook advertising, and feel it gives you more for your money than typical PPC campaigns. We decided that promoting this event through Facebook would be a cost effective way to ensure success.

Our team worked together to create a campaign strategy, which ended up being a seven day countdown to the event. Six separate reasons to attend the event were chosen to be featured each day, with a final reminder to be shown on the day of the event.

From here the design team created appealing imagery to be displayed on Facebook each day. The images were inspired by the success of countdown campaigns used to promote the fall return of popular TV shows.

A landing page was created on the Tomball Dodge website to give interested visitors all the event details. This page also contained a link to a second page were visitors could easily add the towing event to their calendar with the push of a button. A link to the landing page was featured along with the images each day on the Facebook countdown.

When the countdown was shown on Facebook the posts were “boosted”, or advertised through Facebook’s paid system. The ads were targeted to people who lived within a 10 mile radius of Tomball, Texas and had displayed an interest in Jeep, Dodge, Ram, Towing, Camping or Trailers.

The Trailer Safety Clinic ended up being very well attended, with over 45 clients being trained at the dealership. The event was so successful that it was covered in the January 26th, 2015 issue of Automotive News, which featured imagery from iMOS’s Facebook campaign.