Kelly Salinas

Kelly Salinas is a Silicon Valley native, and she’s seen this area blossom into the technological melting pot it is today.  She attended the University of San Francisco, where she studied communications, in the hopes of one day working in public relations.  However, her path led her to teaching, and for a few years she was steadily promoted, going from one grade level to the next without so much as a second thought.  While working there she met her future husband.

She recently left education and is quite busy juggling a newborn, working as a customer service manager for a small SEO company, and now—drumroll—editing content at iMOS.  She’s enjoys fast-paced environments and gets involved as much as she can, in as much as she can.  Kelly’s years of teaching and experience in management have fine tuned that eye for detail that a good editor needs.  It goes without saying that she’s a wonderful addition to iMOS.